Dwayne M. Lueck

19 Jun

Dr. Bearjar has been our family dentist for over 24 years for a reason. Our number one concern is our teeth! Dr. Bearjar and staff have always done an excellent job of doing just that whatever our need has been whether cleaning our teeth, filling cavities or coming in on a Saturday morning to deal with a chipped tooth. Let me also add that the staff has been very effective in today’s world in helping us with insurance companies and coverage. A while back the front desk staff did a super job working with our insurance company on a claim that took a lot of her time and our time and eventually came out to our good. They were a huge help in dealing with that situation for which we have been very grateful. The bottom line – Dr. Bearjar is a gentleman who cares for us as individuals and cares for our dental health. For that we have been grateful for over 24 years and counting. “Going to the dentist today!” has never been a bad experience in our household that included three children growing up.