Cindy Carlson

22 Oct

Recently, I had gone to Dental Options to have my 6-month dental cleaning. Toward the end of my exam by Dr. Bearjar, I was asked how long the dark spot had been present on my cheek. Having thought it was a “sun spot” or “age spot”, I hadn’t really given it much thought and told him it had probably been several months. He advised me to have it checked as there was some pigmentation that was not usual. I was able to get an appointment with the dermatologist the next day, who, after receiving the biospy report, diagnosed the spot as a “pre-cancerous” lesion. The spot was removed immediately. I am very grateful for the astute observation of Dr. Bearjar in examining not only my teeth, but my face as well. WIthout this type of thorough assessment, I would not have had the spot checked so quickly. Hats off (or rather, in my case, “Hat’s on!”) to Dr. Bearjar and Dental Options.
Thank you!